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Professor M Francesca Cordeiro co-founded ILLUSTRATUM with a vision of improving patients’ lives through early diagnosis of neuro-degenerative diseases with the ultimate aim of preventing functional loss.

She is a clinician-scientist, Chair of Ophthalmology Imperial College London, UCL Professor of Glaucoma and Retinal Neurodegeneration, Honorary Consultant Ophthalmologist/Research Lead and Director of Clinical Trials Unit at the Western Eye Hospital London.

She qualified in medicine from St Bartholomew’s Hospital University of London and completed training in general and surgical ophthalmology at Moorfield’s Eye & St Thomas’ Hospitals in London in 2003, following her PhD at UCL in 1998. She has received a number of international awards for her work, including the Lewis Rudin Glaucoma Prize 2005. She serves on various international committees and is on several Editorial Boards.